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May is Clean Air Month: How Efficient is Your Metal Building’s Ventilation System?

Metallic Products' Tips for Ventilation System Efficiency

Keeping employees healthy starts with a quality ventilation system for the air they breathe. While laws protecting against indoor pollutants exist, air quality is sometimes overlooked. To consistently draw attention to the importance of clean air, the American Lung Association’s Clean Air Month runs through the end of May. The Association provides courses and programs to ensure employers are providing a low-risk work environment, and seminars are also available for employees to understand their rights.While workers – depending on the industry – can be exposed to allergens, bacteria, viruses, chemicals, dust, fumes and vapors, a well-thought-out ventilation system can help reduce contact to airborne contaminants.

Review this checklist and see how effective your ventilation system is:

  • The amount of ventilation your building has was calculated by its size, shape and location.
  • Incoming air is cleaned by filters.
  • OSHA’s specific ventilation requirements for the type of work being completed in your building has been met.
  • Your building has an adequate amount of intake and outtake vents for proper airflow.
  • An appropriate amount of cross ventilation is present for consistent air movement.
  • All building codes relevant to ventilation systems are met.
  • A variety of ventilation products are being used in conjunction to provide a well-ventilated space.

Keep your workforce safe and healthy by providing an ideal working environment. Metallic Products offers vents, fans, louvers and related metal building accessories to suit your needs and ventilation system. Contact us today for more information.