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Three Ways A Lighted Personnel Door Canopy Can Improve Safety

Metallic Products Lighted Personnel Door Canopy

Have you heard the news about Metallic Products’ personnel door canopy? We took our popular canopies and made them even better with the addition of LED lights. Already a top pick for the best protection from extreme weather, now our lighted personnel door canopies can provide an added measure of safety to your people and your business. Here’s how:

Nighttime? No problem!
Lighted canopies are a great addition to doors on platforms and on top of stairs, especially in areas prone to bad weather. They provide a safe place to pause and fish keys out of pockets or purses, or to stand and wait for a ride. For those with doors at the tops of stairs, the lights help protect against slips and falls, especially in wet or icy conditions.

Keep people, locks and nearby equipment safe.
With wet-rated LED downlights, the lighted personnel canopy provides around-the-clock protection to everything in its reach — even in adverse weather conditions. Protect to your card readers from damaging downpours and keep your door locks from freezing over. Those few feet of cover provide great shelter, while the lights give added visibility.

Deter theft.
A well-lit door is far less likely to be the target of a break-in than a dark one. Plus, greater visibility means less likelihood of suspicious activity, loitering and lurking. Our custom lighted canopy is a little touch that goes a long way in diminishing your building’s risk of becoming a target for opportunists.

Metallic Products’ lighted personnel door canopies come in a variety of colors and lengths. No matter your weather, building color or door size, we’ve got a canopy to keep your people and your business safer than ever.

Bonus: LED lights last longer fluorescent bulbs but use only a fraction of the energy. Contact us today for more information on our lighted personnel door canopies, or to place your order.