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Get to Know the PreVent Ventilator

ventilation system, vent, vents, ventilationThe PreVent ventilator is versatile, it’s cost effective and it really pulls its weight when it comes to ventilation assistance. But, how much do you know about these metal building accessories? (If your answer is “not much,” you aren’t alone.) This handy ventilation tool tends to fly under the radar — putting in a hard day’s work without a lot of fanfare. At Metallic Products, though, we’re big on giving credit where credit is due. Read on to learn more about the PreVent ventilator, and how it meets the highest design requirements and specifications while encouraging healthy airflow.

Built to Last
The eave and ridge variations of the PreVent ventilator’s design make it an efficient addition to your metal building ventilation system. Why? It’s maintenance-free and doesn’t have any moving parts to wear out. That’s long-lasting, budget-friendly durability.

Built for Convenience
In our eyes, convenience is always a good thing — and the PreVent ventilator is about as convenient as they come. This vent is compatible with any roof pitch, and it works with your ridge cap. It takes up very little space, while its easy-to-stock nature also means fewer headaches. (And who doesn’t love that?)

Built to Protect
Now you know the PreVent ventilator is durable and customizable, but did you know it also protects your structure against the elements? Not only is it leak- and snow-proof, but it also shields against wind-driven rain infiltration. This offers better protection for equipment and other items that get stored inside your strucures. As an added bonus, the PreVent ventilator’s core is made of a lightweight polyester composite product that keeps out bugs and “critters.” This protects your building and keeps it looking good, too.

The PreVent ventilator is a cost-effective investment that improves airflow and ensures maximum comfort, all while protecting inside and out. If you have questions regarding the PreVent ventilator or need help choosing the best ventilation accessories for your metal buildings, contact us! Metallic Products’ ventilation experts are always ready to help.