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Lowering Costs to Offset Steel Building Prices

The construction world can be subject to dramatic price fluctuations, and that includes steel building prices. In 2021, steel availability is expected to remain tight following the lockdowns of 2020, and steel pricing and production are being closely monitored. That hasn’t put a stop to construction schedules, though, so contractors are looking for ways to lower costs wherever possible. Price increases won’t be around forever, but here are some ways to choose wisely and keep building costs under control.

Think Modular
If your project is still in its early stages, it may be worth considering a modular build. Prefabricated buildings are built off-site, then delivered in sections to be assembled at their permanent home. The Modular Building Institute reports that 65% of AEC professionals said their project budgets were decreased by going modular. And 41% said the budget was reduced by 6% or more. Depending on the project, that may be enough to offset an increase in materials costs.

Rethink Design
Steel support beams are vital for safety, but they can add a sizable chunk to a building’s overall cost. There are ways to reconfigure the building design so fewer support beams are needed. In a metal building system, you can even choose column-free interior builds. If the building will be fewer than 40 feet wide, a straight-wall structure requires lighter columns than wider structures. It’s a good way to use less steel and pay less for shipping, too. You can also make other alterations, such as lowering the roof pitch or lessening the eave height. Both of these reduce the amount of steel needed for the build.

Plan Ahead
Rising material costs have metal building companies — as well as their accessory manufacturers — increasing costs out of necessity. Ideally, any company you work with regularly will keep you in the loop regarding coming price changes. Keep an eye out for notices of fluctuations and, if you don’t see an update, consider reaching out to ask. Once you have a handle on the situation, consider purchasing additional products ahead of an announced increase, just to stay ahead of the game. Just remember not to go overboard. As we mentioned, those increased prices won’t last forever.

There are multiple ways to control costs when steel building prices are on the rise. If you have questions, or if you want to know about steel building accessory options, give us a call. We’re here to help you find the right options for your steel building.