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Solid Stability: Metallic Products Roof Curb Systems

If your business operates out of metal buildings, chances are those buildings come equipped with roof curb systems. In fact, if you had a hand in the design or construction processes, you might have helped select those roof curbs yourself. But what does a roof curb actually do? This seemingly simple metal building accessory plays an important role for your business.

Roof curb systems are designed to create a secure and level space to mount mechanical equipment such as HVAC systems, exhaust fans and the like. A quality system will not only support the weight of your equipment, but will eliminate shifting which could otherwise result in damage or outages. What should you look for when it comes to the right roof curb for your metal buildings? A few key factors come to mind:Metallic Products Roof Curb Systems

Find a Roof Curb that Can Stand Up Against Mother Nature
Roof curb systems sit exposed to all the elements, and a weak seam could lead to big trouble if a rainstorm hits. Seek out weather-tight roof curbs designed to keep that rain outside, where it belongs. At Metallic Products, for instance, our roof curbs feature crickets which move water down and away from areas which could fall prey to moisture. In addition, with 16-gauge Galvalume steel construction, our roof curbs are designed to stand up against strong winds.

Make Sure Your Roof Curb Can Match Your Building’s Slope
Metal buildings come in all shapes and sizes — and so do their roofs. A roof curb designed for a steep slope won’t likely hold your equipment properly on a flat roof, for instance. Most roof curb manufacturers are well versed in the various slopes out there, and can likely meet your building’s individual needs. If, for some reason, the manufacturer doesn’t have a product that suits your specifications, ask whether custom products are available. Most companies will be willing to work with you to find a solution that fits.

Seek Out Roof Curb Systems That Blend in to Your Look
Looks aren’t everything, but they do make a difference. Luckily, many manufacturers offer a range of custom design elements and finishes to help the finished product work with your aesthetic. Do you have color preferences? Be sure to make any design considerations known when searching for the right product.

Want to know more? Metallic Products is here to help. Visit our Roof Curbs page to learn all the varieties available through our company. Of course, if you have additional questions, you can always contact us, too. We look forward to hearing from you — and working with you!