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Shaping the Steel Building Industry

If your company plays a role in the steel building industry — be it through engineering work, construction services, parts manufacturing or something else entirely — you know the pace at which things are changing. Advancing technologies introduce new possibilities for production. Shipping delays and raw materials prices add obstacles to operations. Younger generations entering the workforce require companies to consider how future business practices might need to change. In other words, there’s a lot going on. And at Metallic Products, our team is working hard to not only stay on top of the latest steel building industry changes, but to help the industry (and the companies that make it up) move successfully forward. Here’s how.


Involvement in Steel Building Industry Trade Groups
We’re big believers in the idea that there’s strength in numbers — especially as it relates to the metal building industry. Metallic Products has been a proud member of the Metal Building Manufacturers Association (MBMA) for many years now, and in early 2022 we joined the Metal Construction Association. Our committee involvement in these groups gives us the opportunity to hear what our friends in the industry are experiencing, get a firsthand look at the technologies coming our way and to make our voices heard (and opinions known) on important issues that could impact business.


Metallic Products' owner and president Travis Wendt speaks to a group of people at a lunch and learn, in a photo illustrating a blog post about how the company shapes the steel building industry

Ongoing Education with Companies’ Best Interest in Mind
Misinformation is bound to get out there from time to time. And in certain instances, it can lead to long-term (and costly) issues for our friends in the steel building industry. For example, we’ve noticed a trend in recent years toward builders linking natural building ventilation to air leakage — and adding increasingly thicker insulation to keep structures protected. The truth is, when handled properly, that unpowered ventilation helps a building and its accompanying insulation breathe. (And as such, you don’t need nearly as much insulation as some people seem to think.) Through targeted blog posts, presentations at trade shows and to our trade association colleagues, and regular customer communication, too, our goal is to arm others with the information they need to keep their buildings healthy, their budgets happy and their business moving forward.


Innovation to Meet with Advancing Technologies
There’s truth to the idea that the only thing constant is change — even in the steel building industry. Just like today’s metal buildings are more advanced than those of years past, so are the systems that serve them — and the accessories that help them run. Our team is always evaluating building trends, talking through how customers’ needs might be changing in today’s high-tech world and pivoting where need be. The introduction of e-invoice services several years back helped customers streamline the purchase process. Meanwhile, website updates including online product and pricing catalogs make it easy for customers to view available options at any time, anywhere they can connect to the internet. Other considerations, such as high-tech product integrations, are also on the drawing board as we work to anticipate our industry’s future path.


The steel building industry is evolving at breakneck pace these days, and the Metallic Products team is excited to be part of it. If you have questions about any of the above, or if you’re interested in learning more about our range of metal building accessories, reach out to our team. We’re here to help, and we look forward to hearing from you!