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Spotlight on the Metal Building Roof Jack

When you need optimal ventilation and protection for rooftop vents, the roof jack is your go-to metal building accessory. With a firm seal and many available colors and styles, a roof jack keeps interior pipes and vents safe from the elements while blending in with any style of roof. Here’s the run-down on what you need to know about choosing roof jacks for your next building project.

What is a Roof Jack?
A typical building requires ventilation pipes that exit through the roof from the kitchen, bathrooms and even the attic. Roof jacks are secure coverings for these vents that prevent unwanted elements — from animals, to rainwater — from getting into the plumbing and ventilation systems. They also provide a seal around the vents that prevents moisture from seeping in through the roof. Once installed, roof jacks are designed to prevent water damming and provide secure moisture protection.

Why Does it Make a Difference?
Moisture damage can be especially bad for metal buildings. Not only can it cause mold and mildew problems, but there’s a danger of damage to the metal with prolonged exposure to water from leaks and improperly sealed vents. A good roof jack, when properly installed, prevents moisture damage and helps protect other aspects of the roof and building interior, too.

What Are Your Roof Jack Options?
Roof jacks made for straight roofs are called “Type S” roof jacks, while those for tapered roofs are known as “Type T” roof jacks. They can be installed with either a ridge or single slope, and they can sit flat or be mounted on roof panels. Roof jacks are designed to be virtually seamless additions to any type of roof, and you can request them with or without caps. Beyond the functional options, they’re manufactured in different color choices, including plain 26-gauge Galvalume, Polar White or any number of standard colors to match the building’s exterior.

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