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Lighted Canopies

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Keep the area around your metal buildings safer, your systems and structures healthy — and your people protected against snow, rain and other elements — with Metallic Products’ lighted canopies. An elevated version of our popular personnel door canopies, these tools of the trade do their share of the heavy lifting with little to no ongoing maintenance required.

Wet-rated LEDs provide 50,000+ hours of light while keeping energy usage to a minimum. Meanwhile, they support your green building efforts with ENERGY STAR-certified luminaires that are free of mercury and lead.

As with our unlighted canopies, a well-placed lighted canopy can reduce the amount of solar radiation entering your building through door and window glass, keeping indoor temperatures cooler and placing less stress on HVAC systems. When located above outdoor cooling units, they also protect systems against wear and tear, extending their overall lifespan.

With a wide range of colors and finishes to suit your unique structure — and both single- and double-door options available — there's a lighted canopy for every steel building. (Already have an unlighted Metallic Products door canopy? Upgrade it with a light kit!)

Interested in additional options? We offer unlighted personnel door canopies and gabled ice shield canopies, too.

About Metallic Products' Lighted Canopies


Depending on canopy width, (10’-0” maximum) up to four hangers may be required per canopy section to achieve required wind and snow loads.

  • Importance factor, I=1.0 [Risk Category II]*
  • Topographic factor, K.zt = 1.0
  • Wind directionality, k.d. = 0.85
  • Ground elevation factor, Ke = 1.0
  • Building mean roof height:
    • Max 60′ above ground for Exposure-B
    • Max 40′ above ground for Exposure-C [Exposure-C available in 4′ projection only]
  • Canopy shall not be located in the corner zone of the building [‘a’ dimension]

*Applies to IBC 2006 & 2009

NOTE: For more stringent loading criteria above and beyond the criteria listed herein, customized engineering analysis is available upon request.



  • Single door contains one LED light in the center of soffit panels, double door contains two LED lights 20” from the edge width
  • Wet rated LED downlight provides uniform luminance (120V, 990 lumens, 3000K color temperature) from a low-profile flat lens
  • LED lifetime of 50,000 hours
  • ENERGY STAR-certified luminaire contains no mercury or lead
  • Precision molded lens features high transmission polymer with UV stabilized protecting film
  • Fixture mounted in soffit of canopy and sealed to top-mounted junction box
  • Electrical contractor must ensure of fit, wiring and proper mounting in the electrical junction box. This includes all applicable national and local codes
  • 24-gauge flat soffit and integral gutter with rear-mounted drains
  • 16-gauge galvanized internal frame for 4’ projection and 14-gauge galvanized internal frame for 5’ projection
  • 5/8” diameter rod ends 4140 hot rolled annealed (HRA) [F.y = 125 ksi]
  • 16-gauge telescoping support channels mount behind wall panel between girts, mounting clips and fasteners included
  • 1/2″ or 3/4” galvanized pipe hangers with adjustable rod ends
  • Economical and attractive overhead protection from the elements
  • Specifically designed for high wind load and heavy snow load areas



  • Standard sizes for single door with one light (4’6” x 4’0”) and double door with two lights (7’6” x 4’0”); also available in 3’ and 5’ projections
  • Can be mulled together for continuous run applications. Mullions and secondary gutter provided when specified.



  • Galvalume steel
  • All standard metal building colors available in silicone polyester, Kynar® and powder coated finishes
  • Custom color matching
  • Single color or two-tone (contrasting gutter/ fascia and soffit)



  • Masonry mount (anchors by others)
  • Downspouts
  • Front mounted drains



See the step-by-step video overview.