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The She Shed & Beyond: The Growing Metal Building Industry

What do you think of when you consider the metal building industry? More specifically, what do you think of when you consider metal buildings? Do agricultural operations and storage facilities come to mind? Do you link metal buildings to industrial operations? While it’s true steel structures are great for all of those things, the industry has actually exploded in recent years. Companies everywhere are finding new and innovative ways to put these durable, cost-effective buildings to good use.

Metallic Products discusses how the metal building industry has grown in recent yearsThe Metal Building Manufacturers Association (MBMA) offers an interesting breakdown of metal building use by industry. Although the trade organization notes that the numbers will change from month to month, an estimated 37% of metal buildings are used for commercial needs — office spaces, auto dealerships, retail spaces and similar builds. Meanwhile, the manufacturing industry comes in close behind at 32%, with spaces being put toward warehousing and production. There’s a pretty steep drop after manufacturing, with 13% of metal buildings being used for community and institutional purposes (think schools, worship centers, health clinics and the like) and 12% being dubbed “miscellaneous.” In last place? Agriculture, at 6% — which was a little surprising.

Metal buildings have even become popular for use as “she sheds,” or small structures that basically serve as an updated take on the “man cave.” Those she sheds likely make up at least a portion of that 12% “miscellaneous” category. (For the record, with steel buildings’ non-combustible nature, we think Cheryl’s she shed could have fared much better, had it been made of metal.)

It is inspiring to see the metal building industry growing and changing with the times, and to witness the creative ways people make the structures work for them. (And honestly, it’s a lot of fun, too.) The Metallic Products family looks forward to seeing what lies ahead for the industry, and to helping companies incorporate our metal building accessories into the mix.