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Metal Building Homes: A Continuing Trend

Metal building homes, or barndominiums, as many have dubbed them, have made headlines for years now — and it appears this is a building trend with real staying power. For folks unfamiliar with the term, or who simply don’t watch much HGTV, metal building homes are spaces such as pole barns that have either been renovated or built from the ground up to serve as residential space.

Why would a family opt for a living space originally meant for livestock? As it turns out, many of the benefits associated with traditional metal buildings apply in these scenarios, too. Not only are the structures quick and cost efficient to build, but they’re versatile and durable. Read on to see some of the more interesting ways metal building homes are continuing to make their way into communities.

A Michigan Company Recently Transformed a Quonset Hut into Affordable Apartment Space
An industrious builder has repurposed those half-cylinder buildings so common on military bases and in agricultural areas into an eight-unit apartment known as the Caterpillar. The complex cost just $1.5 million to construct and was so successful that a similar project is in the works in Fort Worth, Texas.
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A Washington Couple Turned Success with Their Own Barndominium into a Brand-New Company
In lieu of building a traditional addition onto their home for an aging family member, Olivia and Tanner Berg opted to construct a custom pole barn. At just 30-by-40 feet big — and costing just $65,000 to construct — they soon found they were onto something. Today, their business model largely centers on selling building plans to customers who then find their own manufacturers.
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Shipping Containers Have Become a Popular Go-To for Homes and Lodging All Over
Yes, as it turns out, those steel boxes meant for transporting cargo from one place to the next can actually make for comfy surroundings. From a shipping container hotel in Round Top, Texas, to decked-out homes featuring pools and other modern amenities as far away as Bangladesh, people are finding ways to create eye-catching homes without breaking the bank.

Metal buildings’ versatile nature is a tremendous draw, and it makes sense that homebuilders would embrace their appeal. We look forward to seeing what innovations our friends and colleagues in construction dream up in the years to come, and look forward to offering assistance through quality metal building accessories when possible. (In fact, Metallic Products made our own debut in the residential world when Trendmaker Homes incorporated our personnel door canopies into their home designs!)