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Metal Building Designs: Certified Versus Uncertified

Not all metal building designs are created equal. While their exteriors may appear similar, the things they are engineered to withstand can vary. The location of your metal building, along with issues such as local building requirements and weather scenarios, will help determine whether a certified or uncertified metal building might best meet your needs. Here, we compare both.

Certified Metal Buildings
A certified metal building is engineered to meet or exceed local building code standards — and built to withstand harsh outdoor conditions such as high wind speeds and heavy snow loads. As such, these structures are considered safer and more durable than their uncertified counterparts. Designed by professional engineers, certified metal buildings tend to feature more bracing and tighter screw patterns, to help them stand up stronger against the elements. It should be noted that building standards will vary, depending on your area. It’s best to consult local authorities before digging in.

Uncertified Metal Buildings
Uncertified structures are constructed to meet industry standards, but might not conform to certain areas’ local building codes. The biggest difference is that, although durable, uncertified metal buildings are not rated to meet specific wind ratings and snow load capacities. Bracing for uncertified metal buildings typically includes four corner braces and one channel or peak brace. While extra anchors are optional, such structures are not required to have extra support or meet certain safety and durability requirements. These structures are a quality go-to option for areas that don’t have particular standards in place.

Both certified and uncertified metal building designs are durable, cost-effective options, and should serve most companies’ needs well. The decision between the two falls largely on your area’s building codes. If you have questions on any of this, or if you’re curious about metal building accessory options to upgrade your spaces and improve ventilation, feel free to contact our team. We are always happy to help!