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Metallic Products Takes Home MBMA Safety Award for Third Consecutive Year

A man with a gray beard presenting Travis Wendt, with Metallic Products, with the MBMA Safety Award on a stage in front of a blue backgroundMetallic Products is proud to announce we are once again among the recipients of the Metal Building Manufacturers Association’s (MBMA) annual Safety Award. The honor, presented during the organization’s Spring Meeting, recognizes companies that “demonstrate exceptional performance in maintaining workplace safety”.

The 2021 MBMA Safety Award marks the third consecutive win for Metallic Products and highlights the fact that we had no recordable injuries during the 2021 calendar year. For a company like ours, where safety sits at the forefront of all we do, the recognition means a lot.

Of course, we attribute much of our company’s success to the dedication put forth by our team.

Our shop’s internal motto, “Never sacrifice safety or quality for speed or convenience”, drives everything we do. From initial team member interviews, to onboarding processes and through a person’s entire journey with our company, we make it clear that no project or timeline is so important that we can’t tackle the work in a safe way. After all, we’re working with heavy equipment and machinery that, if handled incorrectly, could result in life-changing injuries. If slowing down and taking work on in the right way means a shipment goes out one day later, we believe it’s well worth it.

A big part of Metallic Products’ safety culture is the fact that we believe a team member’s education is never complete. New employees undergo extensive training with subject matter experts, all in an effort to instill a safety-first mindset. Those efforts continue with daily team safety meetings and stretches to keep everyone on the same page and adequately prepared for the work ahead. Other efforts, such as daily safety breaks and monthly departmental safety audits, help us evaluate how we’re doing as a whole — and pinpoint new opportunities for improvement.

John Ferguson, our company’s vice president of manufacturing, said it feels good knowing the team’s hard work is paying off.

“It’s our moral obligation to send our employees home in the same shape they arrived in,” he said. “We strive to create a culture of safety, and to see that those efforts have been effective is extremely rewarding.”

Travis Wendt, our owner and president, agreed, noting that Metallic Products has many reasons to be proud. Not only does the company employ the best people in the business to create the best products, but we get to work with the best customers, too.

“On top of all that, knowing we aren’t just getting the job done, but getting it done the right way, means a lot,” he said. “I’m grateful for our incredible team for helping to make this honor possible, and to the MBMA for recognizing companies like ours.”