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The Results Are In: Engineering and Design Pressure Data on Our Large Air Vents

Metal building professionals and contractors have new resources available with the recent release of specifications for our large air vents.

Our company contracted help from an outside engineering firm to provide an in-depth, unbiased look into the wind ratings, design pressure capacity and other important stats for our welded large throat vents.

The goal was to provide clients and contractors with insight they can put to good use Metallic Products Welded Large Throat Venton the job, our company’s President, Coy Poret, said.

“For decades now, people have trusted our large throat vents to aid airflow with their industrial projects,” he said. “We’ve assured them of the vents’ durability and capacity, but these tests take things a step further. We believe in transparency, and we wanted to provide concrete numbers.”

Metallic Products welded large throat vents are ideal for large projects that generate extensive heat, such as industrial manufacturing, fertilizer plants, paint lines and large warehouse facilities.

The ventilators help move fresh air through industrial buildings while ushering out hot, stale air, and air contaminated by manufacturing or production processes.

Coy said he hopes the additional information makes it easier to plan out and implement ventilation needs for large-scale operations.

“We know the amount of work that goes in to getting industrial projects off the ground,” he explained. “If we can do anything to make that process simpler — and bring peace of mind when it comes to the finished product — we’re glad to do it.”

Full specifications and illustrations for our large air vents are available on page three of our Continuous Ridge Ventilators Data Sheet. Want to know more? We would love to talk! Feel free to contact us at any time!