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Get In and Out Safely with a Roof Hatch

Have you ever considered the important role a roof hatch can play for your commercial buildings? To be able to install, maintain and service apparatuses such as HVAC systems, workers need safe access points to get out onto the roof.

Metallic Products Roof HatchIf proper safety measures are in place, roof access hatches are a reliable and convenient solution for accessing your rooftop equipment. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has regulations in place to reduce the potential for fall hazards, from railing systems to gates; however, roof access hatches themselves are outfitted with safety features as well.

Roof Access Hatch Features for Safety
Built into Roof: Access hatches are strategically installed to match the roof’s slope, making it easier for personnel to climb out onto a roof and back down into the building. Users are also safe climbing onto the roof because of the low profile of the access hatch.

Gas-Charged Opening Device: Instead of struggling to push open the roof access hatch door with two hands, workers can safely keep one hand on the ladder while using their other hand to push the door open. With the help of a gas-charged device, the door opens with ease.

Automatic Hold-Open Latch: Once set in place, the latch keeps the door to the roof access hatch open. This safety feature is important because the worker can access the roof in any weather without risk of the door slamming open or closed.

Interior & Exterior Lock: Ensure only permitted users have access to the roof of your building through roof access hatches with locks.

Read the full article about OSHA’s safety requirements here.

Available in different sizes, Metallic Products’ roof access hatches meet all your needs. Contact us today for more information.