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Creating a Healthy Work Environment: Indoor Climate

Although the ideal temperature when working indoors is somewhat subjective, there it is a fine line between what is acceptable for an indoor climate and what is unbearable.Metallic Products offers tips on creating the right indoor climate Being productive, or even thinking straight, is contingent on a proper ventilation system responsible for adequately circulating and refreshing air.

You don’t want your employees to be affected by their workplace climate. Take care of the variables with Metallic Products’ ventilation system to ensure you have work that flows.

Creating the Perfect Environment

From the amount of humidity in the air to the exact temperature, it is obvious that the comfort of employees is key when it comes to productivity. There are many agencies that have released various standards regarding typical workplace climate requirements:

  • According to OSHA, work climates should be within 68-76 degrees and have 20-60% humidity control.
  • The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers’ Standard 55-2004, air movement is necessary to keep 80% of the workforce experiencing comfort
  • Human Performance Sciences & Technology at ITC Experts argue that employee performance and functionality will decrease with limited airflow
  • The Human Factors Design Handbook, 2nd Edition states that 72 degrees Fahrenheit is the preferred temperature in an office environment, while temperatures up to 76 degrees Fahrenheit are tolerated in warehouses that have increased airflow
  • As reported by Human Performance Sciences & Technology at ITC, when the temperature in a building hits 80 degrees Fahrenheit, worker safety is a concern
  • With the help of appropriate ventilation, these standards can be easily met and your workforce can operate efficiently.

Benefits of Proper Ventilation

  • Air Regulation
  • Control the air flow in your building to expel stagnant air and replace it with fresh, clean air.
  • Reduce Temperatures
  • Regulate air within the work environment so employees are comfortable instead of suffering in a hot and stuffy building.
  • Health Benefits
  • Keep the air quality void of pollutants, bacteria and allergens that could affect employees’ health.

Metallic Products offers a variety of ventilation choices and can help you decide what products are correct for your building’s ventilation needs:

Keep your workforce satisfied by providing an ideal working environment. Metallic Products offers vents, fans, louvers and related accessories for a range of ventilation projects to suit your building’s need. Contact us today for more information.