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Tips for Keeping Your Metal Building Vents Working Their Best

Your metal building vents (and your metal building itself) represent a significant investment. For many businesses, theventilation system, fan, industrial wall mount fan, industrial wall mount fans, fans, ventilation products, metallic products structure may serve as the hub of office, manufacturing or production operations. Pre-engineered metal buildings have proven popular not only for their quick construction times and versatility, but also for their durability and low costs. Nevertheless, like any important expenditure, following a routine maintenance procedure is the key to maximizing the life of a metal building. This is especially true for the building’s ventilation system, which is critical for maintaining proper airflow and contributing to the health and productivity of perhaps your most important investment — your employees. Here are a few tips for ensuring that your vents are working to their best potential.

It’s easy to take your vents for granted. In fact, unless your building is equipped with one or more power ventilators, which generate minor amounts of background noise when they turn on and off, you may not notice them at all unless there’s a problem. That’s why it’s a good idea to visually check your building’s vents periodically to make sure there are no lurking surprises. You can easily add vents to your checklist during regular walk-throughs to look for leaks or corrosion around your metal building as well as inspecting your HVAC units.

The bird screens on ridge and apex style ventilators don’t just keep out birds. They also prevent other animals and debris from entering the vent. Screens are typically fabricated from expanded aluminum or mesh galvanized hardware cloth. When inspecting the roof, it’s a good idea to have someone also check the bird screens for wear, punctures or tears.

If you’ve purchased and installed high-quality vents, such as those available from Metallic Products, you should expect years of trouble-free service. For instance, our continuous ridge vents feature a durable 26-gauge exterior, combined with internal components of 24, 20 and 18-gauge die formed sheet metal and machined parts for a long service life. Our low profile vents feature the Cor-A-Vent, which is not only durable but also offers protection from damaging moisture from both inside and outside the building.

If you have questions about maintaining your ventilation system or need recommendations on the right vents for you metal building, the professionals at Metallic Products would love to talk with you. Please contact us and we’ll be happy to help!