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Breathe Life into Your Building with a Cupola

The cupola isMetallic Products Cupola featured in architecture around the world, it sits atop some of history’s most famous buildings — and now it could have a home on your steel building. The cupola is a wonderful way to add a unique decorative touch to your metal structure.

What is a louvered cupola?
A louver is a set of slats that are angled to allow air and light in while keeping excess rain and sunlight outside where they belong. They function much like blinds in your living room, but without the window glass. As with most building accessories, cupolas come in many varieties. One of the most common styles — and the type Metallic Products offers — features louvered vents. A louvered cupola offers the stylish touch of a cupola with the practicality of a louver.

What does a cupola look like?
Cupolas can be customized in a wide variety of ways. At Metallic Products, we carry three sizes and offer multiple options in terms of color, roof slope and panel type. We also offer an extensive selection of weathervanes to complete your look.

Is a cupola right for me?
One of the best things about a cupola is its versatility. At Metallic Products, we’re proud of our selection of high-quality cupolas that can be customized to match your building. They feature:

  • Quality craftsmanship. Metallic Products’ cupolas are fully welded and assembled prior to shipment. The curb is made of 16-gauge material, the louver is 18- and 20-gauge, and the rooftop is constructed of 20-gauge material. It won’t just look good — it will last.
  • Customizable options. Our standard sizes range from 2’ to 4’ with an integrated roof curb that can be mounted hillside or peak, according to your needs. We also offer two-tone colors, insulation for the roof curb and — as mentioned above — dozens of weathervanes from which to choose.
  • Easy installation. Because our cupolas com fully welded and assembled, they’re ready to install right out the box.

A cupola is an easy, welcome decoration to your building. For questions about our cupolas, or to order a weathervane for your metal building, contact Metallic Products today!