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Architects & Engineers Embrace the Benefits of Metal Buildings

Metal buildings have seen a surge in popularity in recent years, with engineers and architects alike embracing their durability, custom design features and sustainability. At Metallic Products, we work closely with a team of engineers to ensure compliance with local, state and national building codes and receive feedback from architects on how we can improve design features. Metallic Products information on the benefits of metal buildings

According to Building Design + Construction, “Architects and engineers are finding that the structural steel frame is easy to add onto and build out, enabling them to achieve shape and massing significantly different than the profile of central steel structure. Designers get to leverage the cost and construction speed advantages of a metal building system without being limited to the structural system’s shape.”

But the best part about metal buildings is that customization is a breeze. Add-ons, expansions and upgrades are simple and can usually be completed in a very short time frame. With the ability to implement different building features—like roof hatches, louvers, ventilators, cupolas, canopies—you can enjoy the sturdy structure and cost-effectiveness of metal buildings without sacrificing aesthetics or functionality.

Due to their composition, metal buildings are particularly susceptible to condensation and heat transfer, making proper ventilation and airflow absolutely crucial. Products like our power ventilators and variety of louvers help to increase air circulation, control humidity and improve indoor air quality. Engineered specifically to accommodate the needs of your metal building, our products provide work that flows.

For more information about our ventilation products and metal building accessories, browse our catalog or contact us at 800.356.7746.