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Battening Down the Hatches During Atlantic Hurricane Season

Are your metal building accessories ready for a storm during Atlantic hurricane season?
Metallic Products' Florida Approved Products help you prepare for Atlantic hurricane seasonThe countdown is on for the 2016 Atlantic hurricane season, which officially begins June 1. And with the El Niño weather pattern in the Pacific diminishing this spring, forecasters are predicting an active storm season with an increase in both the number of total storms and major storms this year. With that in mind, are your metal building accessories built to stand up to rough weather?

At Metallic Products, we offer a full line of Florida Approved™ products built to withstand hurricane-force elements. Our Florida Approved Products are enhanced versions of our standard product line approved by the Florida Building Commission for use in hurricane-prone areas like the Gulf and Atlantic coasts (with the exceptions of Dade County and Broward County, Florida).

Our Florida Approved Products include:

  • 9” x 10’ Continuous Ridge Ventilator
    • Flat Skirt (FL#12805.1, FL#12805.3)
    • Die Formed Skirt (FL#12805.6, FL#12805.8)
  • 12” x 10’ Continuous Ridge Ventilator
    • Flat Skirt (FL#12805.2, FL#12805.4)
    • Die Formed Skirt (FL#12805.7, FL#12805.9)
  • Low Profile Ridge Ventilator (FL# 12805.5)
  • Fixed Blade Louver
    • Flat Flange (FL# 12256.1)
  • Center-Pivot Adjustable Louver
    • Flat Flange (FL# 12256.2)

As part of the Florida Approved certification process, our products underwent various wind uplift and large missile impact testing, and we regularly participate in quality assurance checks administered by a third party agency.

Even if your metal building won’t live on a storm-battered coast, the benefit to Florida Approved products can be significant. You’ll rest easy knowing your vents and accessories are tested to stand up to even the most extreme elements, time after time. If you’re wondering whether Florida Approved ventilation accessories are right for your building, ask an expert today.