Worry-Free Building Accessories with Big Benefits

When was the last time you gave thought to your metal buildings’ air louvers? If it’s been a while, that’s probably a good thing. Why? Because that means these low-maintenance ventilation tools are doing their job — and likely doing it well. The truth is, air louvers are an easy and cost-efficient way to keep your indoor environments safe and healthy. Read on to learn a little more about the wall louver — what it is, how it works and the benefits it offers your steel buildings.


Before we dig into the reasons you need a louver, we should touch on what a louver is. A wall louver is a metal panel featuring horizontal blades set at an angle, and it resembles the blinds on a window. Whether those blades are fixed in place or adjustable, their overall goal is to help your building breathe by aiding in cross ventilation. They usher clean, fresh air into your metal buildings while warm, stale air — or air contaminated through manufacturing and production process — out. 

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A Closer Look at Your Louver Options

There are a number of louver options available, each targeted toward specific functional (or cosmetic) needs. For instance, at Metallic Products we offer three distinct varieties — fixed louvers, adjustable louvers and architectural louvers. All feature safeguards aimed at keeping dirt, moisture, bugs and other annoyances out, while still encouraging healthy airflow. Here’s what you should know:

  • Fixed Louvers: This option keeps air flowing with help from angled blades that are fixed in place. In other words, there are no adjustments needed. They make sense in hard-to-reach areas of your steel buildings.
  • Adjustable Louvers: These louvers feature moveable blades you can open, close and tilt to suit production and manufacturing practices, as well as outdoor weather scenarios. They make the most sense in areas you can easily reach when it comes time to make adjustments.
  • Architectural Louvers: This option features fixed blades and interesting shapes that aid in ventilation while also adding aesthetic interest.

In addition to the aforementioned categories, we offer Florida-approved wall louvers that meet Florida’s strict building codes and are designed to stand up against extreme weather. Of course, as with most other metal building accessories, louvers are available in a number of sizes, colors and finishes to suit your space and needs. Talk with an expert to determine the variety that makes the most sense for you.

The Many Reasons Air Louvers Make Sense

The wall louver makes for a fairly solid argument that it’s best to work smarter, not harder. Here are just a few of the ways this metal building accessory brings big benefits while keeping unnecessary headaches (and spending) at bay.


A Low-Cost Option: Unlike mechanical ventilation equipment which contains countless parts and pieces, your louver is fairly straightforward. While adjustable varieties will feature some moving elements, there aren’t many. And fewer parts mean less likelihood that something will go wrong. On top of all that, it carries out its ventilation work without extra energy costs. In other words, your spending more or less ends once your louver is purchased and installed.


Minimal Maintenance: We’ve already established that having fewer moving parts makes your louver less likely to require repairs or replacement. As long as you’re giving your vents a proper once-over during your periodic metal building inspections, clearing out any blockages you spot — and positioning your adjustable louvers correctly when adverse weather moves in — these accessories will serve your structure well for many, many years.


Worry-Free Airflow: Of course, the biggest benefit your air louvers offer relates to the health of your building and people. These tools fill your spaces with fresh, clean air, and usher the bad stuff out, without complex wiring and piping systems. Although you will want to talk with a ventilation expert to make sure you have enough louvers and that they’re positioned correctly, that’s more or less where your concerns end. (And we’re all about making life easier!)


Amped-Up Aesthetics: Looks aren’t everything, but they also don’t hurt. (And louvers can contribute a surprising amount to a metal building’s overall look.) Whether you opt for an architectural louver in an interesting shape or simply choose a color or finish that compliments the structure, this simple addition can make for an eye-catching finishing touch.


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