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Today we say that we are anything but conventional. Since our beginnings as the trim shop for a larger company back in 1962, Metallic Products has done things just a bit differently. Back then, metal building manufacturers custom fabricated their own accessories, taking time and resources from their core business model. Metallic Products realized the need for a company to specialize in metal building accessories and offer them to the entire industry – a win-win for both sides. We build better accessories and we try to do it better and better every day. We feel an obligation to return our employees back their families in the same condition they came to us in- every day. Our commitment to our families and our community is just a strong as our commitment to providing great products to our customers.

We really do believe that we don’t sell vents, we sell ventilation systems and that’s work that flows.

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    Metallic Products’ is dedicated to providing ventilation system products and accessories to ensure your building is properly ventilation so you can get the job done.
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Commitment to Our Customers

Commitment to Our Community

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Work That Flows.