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One of the most overlooked components of design and installation of roofing systems, both in new construction and retrofit applications, is ventilation. A properly engineered ventilation system using a proper ridge vent in conjunction with an under soffit intake will provide proper fresh air movement through the roofing system removing hot, stale air.

PreVent ventilators manufactured by Metallic Products are in accordance with the highest design requirements and specifications and feature eave and ridge/hip components for an efficient, maintenance-free roof ventilation system. These ridge vents are a low-profile, aesthetically pleasing and extremely efficient means of ventilating metal roofs.

In addition to being low cost and easy to install, PreVents have no moving parts to wear out. They are energy efficient, architecturally attractive and adaptive to many different roofing systems. They provide leak- and snow-proof ventilation and even protect against wind-driven rain infiltration.

Standard Size
Standard 8′-0″ or 10′-0″ sections. PreVents can be installed as a single unit or can be butted together to form a continuous run.

Made from 16-, 18- or 24-gauge Galvalume. Features Cobra® Ridge Vent material – a maintenance-free, lightweight, polyester composite product that will not dent, crack or rust.

Designed to work in conjunction with standard closures and ridge caps. Designed for eave or ridge venting and can be custom formed to fit. Features a series of die cut slots the entire length, allowing 14 square inches of free area per linear foot.

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