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Notice the ridge in your metal building’s roof? That’s where Metallic Products comes in. A properly engineered ventilation system using continuous ridge ventilators controls the movement of fresh air through the building removing hot, stale air and air contaminated by manufacturing or production processes. Summer heat is released naturally through gravity ridge ventilators. During winter proper ventilation can assist in the control of condensation and other moisture problems, such as rust and deterioration of insulation or the damage to stored products.

Vents may be furnished with or without dampers to control the flow of air. Pull chains are the standard operators for dampers. Multiple damper operation is available for two or more units.

Standard ridge ventilators are shipped with a 1:12 end cap and can be field modified to accommodate up to a 6:12 roof pitch. Ventilators can be custom ordered to accommodate roof pitches greater than 6:12.

Standard Size
9“ throat and 12” throat available in 10’ sections. Low profile design can be used for single unit or continuous run installation with no disassembly.

Other throat sizes available include 4”, 18”, 24”, 30”, 36” and 48” options.

For custom lengths or throat sizes, please contact us.

Integral Dampers
Easy-moving damper opens to any degree from fully open to completely closed.

Aerodynamically proportioned to exclude weather. Protects air passages and full outlet area.

Bird Screen
Fully protected by 4 x 4 bird screen mesh galvanized hardware cloth.

Durable 26-gauge exterior combined with internal components of 24, 20 and 18-gauge die formed sheet metal and machined parts for long service life.

Galvalume finish is standard, and other colors are available including Kynar®.

Drainage Area
Continuous slot on bottom of both sides of windbands

Please specify flat or die formed skirts, roof pitch, damper operation and color when ordering.

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