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Take advantage of fresh air with Metallic Products wall louvers. Specifically designed for pre-engineered metal building wall panels, wall louvers allow air to flow through a wall, while remaining weather resistant. MP louvers are built for proper air flow in and out of your metal building. Wall louvers are available in both fixed and operable models.

Stationary Louvers
Fixed louvers feature 45 degree roll-formed blades with 4” depth and riveted to louver frame for security. Fixed louvers have 55% free area.

Operable Louvers
Adjustable louvers feature roll-formed blades with plated twin link pivot brackets riveted to blade and connected with ¼” zinc plated rod. Brass pivot bushings assure smooth, noncorrosive and long-lasting operation. Standard operator is by reinforced cast aluminum hand crank. Louver can be factory or field modified for chain operation when louver is installed where hand crank is not accessible. Motorized operators are also available. Blade edge seals are installed for maximum air sealing. Adjustable louvers have 77% free area, when fully opened to a 90 degree angle.

18-gauge galvanized steel.

20-gauge roll-formed galvanized steel.

Louvers are self-mulling. Louvers are self-flashing and self-framing. No other trim required. Before painting, louvers are chemically treated. Louvers can be painted to match pre-selected colors by manufacturer. Standard paint is an electrostatically applied powder paint, 3 mm thick oven-baked finish.

For adjustable louvers
After the paint process is completed, an extruded weather stripping is applied to the edge of each blade to ensure virtual air tightness in the closed position.

Insect screen
18 x 16 aluminum mesh installed in an extruded removable, rewireable aluminum frame

Blade Operators
Twin link brackets plated steel assembled with double brass pivot and set screw

Connecting Rod
¼” zinc plated steel

Standard operator is by a reinforced cast aluminum hand crank
Optional: Chain operator of #35 sash chain, with plastic-coated chain pull handle

Please specify panel type when ordering. The frame has a recessed head to accept the wall panel and side flanges fit specified panel profile on 1’ modules. The sill is tapered to provide drainage and exclude moisture. Flat flange louvers are also available for installation into framed openings.

All welds are water tight and made from non-corroding siliconized bronze wire and finished after fabrication.

Additional materials available are stainless steel, aluminum and Galvalume. All louvers are shipped with an 18 x 16 aluminum insect screen mounted in a removable, rewireable frame. Hardware cloth is also available. Louvers are shipped individually in heavy duty cardboard cartons.

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