Rugged, 16 gauge 55% aluminum-zinc coated sheet meets ASTM A792-89. Corners are mitered and welded water tight using a siliconized bronze wire for a long lasting and non-corrosive finish. Welds are finished with a protective zinc primer. FSK faced rigid board insulation is optional.
Curbs are made to match any roof slope and can be either ridge or single slope mounted. Curb corrugations match virtually any available roof configuration and can be factory welded into curb skirts or shipped loose for field installation. "R" panel configurations can be die-formed directly into curb skirts to reduce the amount of welding and the possibility of water penetration.

Hillside mounted curbs have a water diverting angle to deflect water around the unit. A cricket can be substituted for the diverter angle if desired. Hillside mounted curbs can also be constructed utilizing a two-piece design with a separate under-panel diverter to achieve shingling effect without the need to cut into roof panels.
Curbs are supplied with a 55% aluminum-zinc finish and can be factory painted to match almost any color.
When ordering, please indicate size, roof panel type, if insulated, if painted, and roof slope. Convenient order forms available upon request.

Roof Curbs used on all types of metal roofing systems conform to MP's high standards and specifications which have been developed, tested and proven over many years.
Roof curbs manufactured by Metallic Products for the metal roofing market are in accordance with the highest design requirements and specifications.
Roof curbs are constructed of 16 gauge galvalume sheet to provide the ultimate in strength for any roof-top accessory including A/C units, fans, skylights, refrigeration units, pipes, stacks, etc..

Curbs also provide a level mounting surface for mechanical equipment to insure their long life and additionally provide weather tightness by utilizing the curbs integral flange to mesh with the roof panels. Curbs can mesh with any metal roof panel and are made to match specified roof pitch either single slope or ridge mounted. Standard diverter angles keep water away from equipment and crickets are available as an option.
Curbs can be factory painted to match any metal roof color to perfectly blend in to any architectural application

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