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Established in 1962 as part of a steel building fabricator, Metallic Products is an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of ventilation systems for more than half a century. Metallic Products is internationally known for ridge ventilators but also offers a host of products including roof curbs, wall louvers and personnel door canopies, which are rigorously tested to be long-lasting.

Metallic Products founder Roy Hairston revolutionized the way metal building accessories were constructed. Before Metallic Products, most metal building manufacturers built their own ventilation accessories, proving costly and time consuming. Hairston knew he could appeal to a niche market and allow builders to focus on their profitability by providing higher quality ventilation products at a lower cost.

Originally, the Metallic Products team built ventilation products by hand, creating a quality product that earned them some of the biggest clients in the industry. Even in their small warehouse with crude dies and only one vent assembly table, the company continued to attract top talent and committed customers who sustained them through the economic decline of the 1980s. In 2002, Metallic Products moved to a 10-acre track in northwest Houston outfitted with the cutting-edge technology and design used today to create top-notch products at a competitive price.

With over 50 years of experience, Metallic Products remains dedicated to its partners by providing excellent service and unmatched quality. With defined Total Quality Management techniques, our partners enjoy high-quality and cost-effective ventilation with shortened lead times. Metal building manufacturers experience the benefit of flexibility with options for both standard and custom-made products that meet the highest standard of price, quality and service.

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We didn’t inVENT ventilation. We perfected it.